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RCW, LLC is a small rod building shop in Melbourne, Florida. We are not your typical rod building shop. 
We don't build all types of rods but we are extremely good at the types of rods that we build. 
RCW, LLC is the only rod building shop in the USA with access to Japanese made jigging and popping blanks. 


Mon- Fri: 9:00- 4:00

After Hours: By Appointment


 The Science

Having a background in engineering and a solid understanding of physics, RCW utilizes this knowledge to every custom rod that we build. With that in mind, RCW also takes into account the blank’s action, power, line & reel to be used and employs the right number of guides, using the right sizes and putting these guides at the proper position to allow the line to follow the curvature of the blank in order to utilize the rods full power.

RCW employs a modified version of the KR concept, an improved version of the NGC (new guide concept) for use with braided line. The concept in a nutshell is to “use more but smaller guides at the proper location for greater sensitivity, greater castability, increased accuracy, greater hooking power, reduced line twist and maximum rod power.

The Art

RCW combines high performance rod with exquisite artwork with high emphasis on details to make your custom rod heirloom worthy.

Colors and designs can be matched to your personality, be it loud and wild or stealth and mild, RCW can build it for you to make it uniquely yours.

Thread work, marbling, abalone, cork inlays, eva grip work, feathers, snakeskin, RCW nebula are some of the decorative works that can be put on your custom rod.


Frequently Asked Questions