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This is our go to jig for deep water and/or strong current. This jig is designed to fall fast, ideal for deeper water, we have used this jig deep dropping upto 850ft. Long fall and high pitch technique is ideal for this jig. It has a tight wobbly action on free fall.


Our favorite all around go to jig, tight wobbly action with an erratic wide slide mixed in on free fall.
We use slow pitch, high pitch and long fall technique with this jig. This jig is very responsive with light rod movements.


This is a versatile jig. Has a “Z” action when vertical/speed jigged and a wide side to side action on the fall. We caught a lot of blackfin tuna with this jig especially at night fishing the Yankee Captain.


Designed for long fall technique, it has a fluttering action during free fall and the spoon shape produces an irregular movement. This is one of our favorite and go to jig. We personally haven’t tried this yet beyond 350ft. We have caught alot of different species with this jig, definitely one of the jigs to permanently keep in the bag.


This jig is for deep areas and strong currents, this jig makes plenty of erratic movement with just a minimum movement of the rod because of its drain structure on both sides. Ideal for Long Fall and Slow Pitch on deep drops upto 600ft.


This jig has a lively action that cannot be achieved with traditional metal jigs, this jig makes it possible to drop upto 600-800ft (depending on current) using soft bait. We have tested this and have caught blackfin tuna, snapper and scamp.


Probably one of the oldest "snapper killer " in Japan and deadly to any bottom dwellers including groupers. Before the "slow pitch" jigs became popular the inchiku jigs was already very widely used in Japan. We fish this slow, if you think you are fishing slow, go slower. This enables the tentacles to have a life-like movement. If you fish it fast the tentacles will just tuck behind the back giving you no action at all. This is Sea Falcon's version of inchiku in a super drain body where the jig produces maximum action with the east amount of movement.


A slender 3 sided jig where one side has a photographic hologram of a bait so when the jig is falling the wobbling action will give you flashes of the baitfish on. The hull like shape gives you a wide swinging action on the fall. Aiya Semi and Aiya Long don't have photographic hologram of the baitfish.

We first used this jig in the summer of 2017 in the Yankee Captains and in the fall in the middle grounds. 


This jig reproduces the movement of a cutlassfish a.k.a. ribbonfish. Excellent for strong currents due to its slender profile and for any predator that feeds on ribbonfish.