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Venice, Louisiana

November 11, 2015

Venice, Louisiana is considered to be the fishing Capital of the World, that’s a quite a stretch but certainly the fishing Capital of the United States. This is due to the bounty brought by the Mississippi River and the offshore oil rigs that houses a number of different fish species.


Venice is also widely known for its yellowfin tuna fisheries! And that was the purpose of our trip.


We departed from Venice Marina at around 6:30am.

We were probably 10miles out of the Mississippi River when we saw a couple of shrimp boats. Capt. Ryan of southbound charters asked Doug to pick which boat to hit first. Doug picked the black shrimp boat (the other 2 were red and white). Capt. Ryan immediately got us behind the black shrimp boat and we started putting jigs and chunks on the water. Less than a minute later, it was chaos, everyone was hooked up!

It was a bloody chaos in the next 3.5 hours, we landed more than 30 tunas, 7 of which were near or over 100#s.  We lost the big ones pushing 200#s. We probably lost 5-6 200#’ers.


 Doug with his biggest yellowfin tuna, 140#. Capt. Ryan had to help Doug carry it.


Tomo and his 60# yellowin tuna


 a few of the bigger ones


 group shot of the crew at Venice Marina, enjoying a cold one


Our day ended early, by 1:30p.m. we were already back at the dock. We caught our share and lost a bunch more. The gears we brought, blackhole 150g, slowpitch rods, oj2000, stella 6000 and saltiga 4000’s were no much for the tuna that were nearing/pushing 200#.


It was an exellent trip, couldn’t have asked for any better. Valuable lessons were learned, light gear is good but it is always better to bring heavier gear for back up.


enjoying dinner together and sharing some cold ones, great friendships were made and a lifetime of memories.

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