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SPJ w/ Capt. Yuri sponsored by BlackHole USA

May 28, 2016

Since Kil Song already wrote a report about this trip, I will use his report (with his permission) rather one writing a new one.


This trip was unique in terms of light rod selections and using of slow pitch jigging even we fished deep drop in 400′ – 600′.

we got tons of fish on this trips mostly on jigs.

The Try Tortugas trip is famous for mutton snapper. But strangely night mutton bites were almost non-existent. If we had normal mutton bites on bait at night, we had to buy more coolers because we filled all coolers with other fish we caught.

Even we fished 400′ – 600; we were able to use 8 – 10 oz jigs with light Slow Pitch jigging rods as Capt Yuri constantly maneuver the boat.

It is a good opportunity for me to observe the different actions of different slow pitch rods and the different slow pitch technique every angler used.

Synit, Evergreen Poseidon and Black Hole Cape Cod Special Slow Pitch jigging rods.



On the first day, we anchored in about 200 ft depth. There were tons of small groupers there. I must caught about 20 grouper (mostly small) using ultra light 3.8 oz Black Hole Cape Tai Special rod/JM PE4 reel. On the second day, we fished deep in 400′ – 600′





Unfortunately I lost my cellphone on the second day with which I took pictures and videos when Mike rushed for a gaff and hit my arm while I was taking video of fighting a big 200 lb tiger shark by Dan using 5.8 oz light Black Hole Cape Cod Slow Pitch rod.


Capt Yuri released 80 – 100 lb sailfish on a jig using Black Hole Challenger Bank 761MH, but the video and pictures were gone with the phone camera.


Here are some pictures of catches on jigs. 







RCW would like to thank Mr. Kil Song of jignpop for inviting us to this trip. Looking forward to the next one.

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