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June 28, 2016

We left Orlando International Airport for Seattle at around 4a.m. thursday, June 25. Once we got to Seattle we then took a connecting flight to Anchorage, Alaska. We had a couple of hours stop over in Anchorage and  we spent the time having lunch and then  boarded another plane for Yakutat, Alaska with a stop over in Cordova, Alaska.


That was a long and tiresome flight, I think it was 20hrs total inside the plane.


 A shot at Anchorage International airport.


 1 of 2 restaurants in Yakutat, Alasaka. You can’t miss it, it’s right in front of the airport, the other one, you cant find it.


A view of the dock from the fishing lodge- Leonard’s Landing. Pic was taken at around 11 p.m.


Standing at the dock and taking a pic at the lodge


The next day, we went scouting for salmon, more of a wandering and getting lost really. It was so hard to drive around, the roads have no signs and the maps were hard to read.


 After a few hours of getting lost, we finally found the “bridge” that the sockeyes were hanging out.


Brian and his first sockeye salmon


 Ray and his first sockeye salmon.


That afternoon , Kil Song and John arrived at the airport. We had to cut our salmon fishing short to pick them up. After they dropped off their luggage’s at the lodge we took them to the “bridge” to fish for salmon. When we got back to the bridge, it was full of anglers so we went to a different location. We passed thru brushes, bushes and forests to look for sockeye. This time we didnt get lost as Devon was there to guide us. Devon is the guide/capt. in Icy Bay Lodge.


After catching a few salmon we went back to the lodge, cooked dinner and went to bed.


The next morning we went to the airport for our last plane ride to our main destination, Icy Bay, Alaska.


 the crew having brunch at “Yakutat Jack’s” restaurant right at the airport and waiting for our flight to Icy Bay.


 Our ride to Icy Bay, Alaska. Icy Bay is 30mins plane ride from Yakutat. Icy Bay is isolated no neighbors within a 60 mile radius.


 A shot inside the bush plane.


 a couple of views from above


touchdown in Icy Bay, Alaska our final destination. I’ve been thru a lot of flights and the touchdown with the bush plane was probably one of the smoothest I’ve experienced.


getting ready for the short ATV ride to the lodge, the airport was probably 2-3 miles from the lodge.


 Finally! the fishing lodge in Icy Bay, Alaska. This is the main lodge where the crew hang out, eat, watch t.v., drink beer and tell stories.


the sleeping quarters, 2 bunk beds but there’s only 2 person per “villa” and a bathroom with a nice porch and a breath taking view


 A different view, looking at the ATV trail where we came from


 A view of the bay from the main lodge


 another view from the lodge


 a view of the bay towards the inside where a small creek flows into


 first time going out to test the waters, we didnt went out far, we stayed within the bay and admired the panoramic vistas.


Taan Fiord a few miles from the lodge


 Early morning shot on our first full day of chasing giant halibut using jigs and slow pitch technique


 Brian and his first pacific halibut


 John and a big ling cod


 Ray and a yellow eye rockfish, such a beautiful fish. Limit is 1 per person per year. These fish takes approximately 40-50 years to grow this size


to be continued…

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