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SPJ Pulley Ridge Lite

August 14, 2016

Brian didn’t inform me about this trip until it was 2 days out. It was an emergency trip. I was hesitant to go as I was ill prepared.


The night before the trip I was cramming to tie some assist hooks, I think I slept around 3 in the morning. I told myself, from now on I’ll stock some pre-tied hooks. That’s why I now carry the ASS pre-tied Decoy Pike hooks so if another surprise trip comes up I’ll be ready.



We just passed by Islamorada when we saw some scenic views and decided to take some pics. I asked Brian if he brought his Nikon DSLR and he said yes and he put in the green bag. I then reached for the green bag anxious to take some photos. I turned on the camera but it wouldn’t turn on. I opened the battery door and found out Brian left the camera in his house!



After an early departure and quiet night ride out to some new grounds we were eager to drop some new Kurobane jigs , handcrafted by Hada Kenji, made in Japan.  The finish on these jigs are absolutely fantastic.



We were also testing Fins new 40g line. For a detailed review of Actual breaking strength, actual diameter and knot strength please refer to this blog post.



When we got to the first spot, we set up on the bow and started jigging at around 300ft. Brian caught a nice double header using his custom blackhole 661 paired with an Ocea Jigger 2000. The red grouper and mutton snapper slammed a sea floor control rector 320g.



I was able to scratch of the African Pompano from my bucket list. It came in at 29.66# when measured at the dock, it was 0.5# shy of winning the pot. The fish hit a sea floor control 320g rector at about 290ft using a Synit Bay Action SPM (slow pitch medium), a Daiwa Saltiga 15HL spooled with Fins40G 45#. What a powerful fish, The fight started at the bow and ended in the stern.



It was a slow trip, bite was inconsistent, it was hot and humid. Capt. Greg had to move us around to get away from the squalls. However, by the end of the trip we were high hook and we managed to fill 2-150qt coolers.


Brian and I would like to thank Capt Gregory Mercurio of the Yankee Captain for a great trip.


Sorry for the lack of pics, someone forgot to put the battery in the DSLR.


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