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Line Capacity Calculator

March 2, 2017



We have decided to put this “line capacity calculator” in a separate article due to the length of the “Braid Test Results” article, and which will only get longer once more test results comes in. This is also to make the “calculator” easier to find.


The data on the table below is based on the results from the testing done by Aquaholik. If you haven’t read the Braid Test Results article you can find it here.




PE stands for “Polyethylene”,  it is based on the Japanese numbering system called “gouw”, used to measure the diameter of silk thread. In essence, PE is the diameter of the line and not its breaking strength. PE rating is important if you want to know how much line your reel carries, especially JDM reels whose line capacity is based on PE.



Below is a list of the most common reels used for jigging and popping. If you don’t find your reel listed below it might be,


a) we don’t have any data on it or
b) it has the same line capacity with one of the reels listed


USA reels are not included in the list due to insufficient information on the diameter of the line that was used. USA manufacturers would state that the reel carries 300 yards of 40#, but some 40# is thinner/thicker than others.



The line calculator will give you an idea of the minimum amount of line you can put on your reel. In real world you can actually spool your reel more than the calculator tells you. This is because the calculator calculates the capacity when braid is a cylinder. That is how diameter of the line was measured on our tests – a cylinder. Once you spool your reel, the braid diameter becomes flat instead of a cylinder, thus allowing you to have more line on the spool. Another factor to put into account is how tight you spool your line into the spool.



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