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Slow Pitch Jigging for Golden Tiles

July 21, 2018

After our success going deep to slow pitch jig for barrel fish, Bryan and I decided to go deep again and target golden tiles.

We left for the keys at around 4pm on Wednesday July 18,2018. We stopped by Coral Springs to catch up with our friend Doug Nguyen.

Doug started slow pitch jigging about the same time as I did back in 2014.


We went to dinner together to hang out and reminisced on our past slow pitch trips together. Doug has lost the drive to keep on the hobby due to his limited available time to fish and has since moved on to fishing for bass and snakeheads.

 dinner at Izziban Korean BBQ reminiscing the good times


After dinner Bryan and Doug stopped by a canal and threw some lures to try and catch a snakehead while I stayed in the car listening to Adele's Rolling in the Deep. Dont judge, that was what the radio was playing.


We got to the keys by midnight and went to bed at Capt. Jack Sparrow's place.


Woke up the next morning and headed for the fish market to deliver Capt. Jack's catches the day before. 

 we saw tarpons rolling by the fishmarket docks


After dropping off the fish we went to grab brunch with Joe Tripp at El Mocho Restaurant.

 a hole in the wall


El Mocho is a small non touristy restaurant frequented by locals. Everybody ordered the usual eggs, omelet, bacon etc.


 the bread was fantastic, crunchy outside and soft inside with a drizzle of melted butter


We left the dock at 11a.m. and headed for the first spot to go after golden tiles. 

My tackle box with the new RayS Custom Works logo.

First drop was at 775ft. Bryan grabbed an NLO fast drop sardine jig while I opted for the Sea Falcon Slow Squid glow.

 NLO fast drop and Sea Falcon slow squid.


Since we are going after golden tiles I went for the slow squid, this will be the perfect jig for the application. Golden stays on the bottom and goes up no more than 8ft. For me to stay at the bottom or close to the bottom I would be doing 1/8 pitches on the reel using the long fall technique. The soft tentacles of the squid will give the jig a lot of movement but it needs to be done at a deliberate and very slow pace so the tentacles doesn't fold and just moves freely with the current. The slower the better.


We got to the first spot and we dropped. Bryan got to the bottom first, it took me 40 secs more to hit bottom. Current was 0.5knot. By the time I hit bottom Bryan was already hooked up. He brought up a nice size snowy grouper, we estimated it to be 12-15#.

 first drop, first spot


We didn't get anything else on the first spot so we moved to the second spot. 


Nothing on the second spot, not even a nibble so we moved to the third spot. The same story on the 3rd spot, zero, zilch, nada. 

By this time the sun was overhead and burning HOT with no wind and zero cloud cover.


On the 4th spot I finally got a fish, blackbelly rosefish. Bryan brought up a bonita, the hit was 2 cranks off the bottom at 800ft.

Bryan said it felt weird and asked if there was any swordfish at this depth? Capt. Jack answered yes, probably, you never know. Capt. Jack then wished out loud and hoped that it wasn't a swordfish, he said he has no permit for it. It took sometime to bring the fish up, Bryan said it still felt weird, the fish went up and flashed it's side about 60ft from the boat. It has silver sides. It's probably a wahoo, but at 792ft? Bryan finally got the fish in the boat and the wahoo magically turned into bonita.


 bonita hit an NLO jig 2 cranks off the bottom at 800ft


I was chugging along with the rosies one after the other. 


We were jumping from one spot t the next due to the slow bite. The move helped with the burning heat, it is the only time we feel wind on our faces.


On the next couple of spots the current picked up to 1.5knot and now had to dance around each other and untangle our lines. 


I was still killing the rosies and got some little snowys and some good size gray tiles but far and few inbetween, the rosies dominated. This day I am a rosefish magnet. I began to hate them. Everytime I hook one I tried to shake it off so it gets off the hook. It is not fun reeling them from 800ft. Capt. Jack started to call me Rosefish Ray. I laughed, we laughed but my arms aren't laughing at all. I want a golden, this is what I came here for.


Everytime we moved to a new spot the story is the same. Bryan got another golden tile, his second for the day and I was still chugging along with the rosefish, some small snowys and small gray tiles.

 Bryan's 2nd golden tile for the day


My biggest fish of the day, a gray tile that took a deep neo 400g.


 A gray tile that hit a Sea Falcon Deep Neo 400g 


At the end of the day, Bryan got 2 golden tiles and I am still looking for my first. We managed to catch some fish especially rosies. They were a curse this day.

yup, that many rosies from 800ft


see you on the next hunt for that elusive golden tile!




Custom Built Sea Falcon H slow pitch rod

Custom Built Sea Falcon HH slow pitch rod

NLO fast drop sardine jig

40# yozuri topknot leader

20# yozuri braid mainline

Accurate valiant 500n

Majorcraft zoc assist hook



Custom Built Sea Falcon H slow pitch rod

Custom Built Sea Falcon HH slow pitch rod

Sea Falcon Deep Neo

Sea Falcon Slow Squid

40# yozuri topknot leader

20# yozuri braid mainline

Accurate DFS slammer 500n thru triangletackle

Majorcraft zoc assist hook



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